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Alternate Soundtrack – Metal Gear Solid 2

First things first; hello and welcome to this blog. My name is GiantRaven and this blog is a place for me to showcase some of my musical endeavours. Mainly this will be focused around video game cutscenes, overlaid with music that I have created, although different entries may pop up.

This first video is a re-imagining of the opening cutscene to Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, which I did in my second year of university.

(Original video for comparison)

Some parts of my composition I feel I should expand upon:

I felt it was important to highlight the mysterious nature of the main character, Solid Snake, as he remains imperceptible for the majority of this cutscene. The short piano (hopefully mysterious sounding) melodies are an attempt to highlight this, only sounding when Snake is on the screen in the initial opening part to the cutscene.

Along with this, there are also two sections to my composition where the beat drops out, leaving some drawn out ambient sounds.

The first time this happens is when Snake sheds his raincoat and becomes invisible and jumps off the bridge; the drop in beat highlighting this sudden shift in visual character, as well as the serene feel of a person slowly moving as they are suspended in the air . The beat then comes back in when the invisible Snake starts his rapid descent towards the Tanker below, which is where the ‘action’ of the scene returns.

The beat drops a second time when Snake hits the Tanker floor and returns to visibility. The drop in beat here is an attempt to represent Snake’s vulnerability as he slowly stands up, not  fully knowing his surroundings. The beat returns when the camera does a large zoom out because, essentially, it looks cool.

As a final note, when I wrote this composition, I was very surprised that I could use a single tempo throughout my track and still have it match up to certain cuts or events taking place. It made it very easy to synchronise sections as cutting them early would have created a very disjointed sounding piece of music, especially with something so beat- driven. I don’t know if I got lucky, or the cutscene director needs to be commended for allowing me to this (cause that’s so important) but I’m hoping this simplicity will continue when I make new videos. I hate having to do jiggery-pokery on bar lengths in order to get them to fit into things.


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