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Alternate Soundtrack – Deadly Premonition

Low and behold (only a mere two months later), a new alternate soundtrack!  Once again it’s an opening cutscene to a game, this time from Deadly Premonition.


(Original video for comparison) 

Deadly Premonition is, well, a very unique game (putting it in the nicest possible way), with it’s detective story interlaced with supernatural elements and goofy humour, making for an eclectic but memorable gaming experience.  This extends right down to the soundtrack, where sombre downtrodden pieces of music coexist alongside upbeat grooves, even within the space of a single cutscene.

Just looking at that cutscene, where the sheer inappropriateness of York casually solving a chess puzzle after examining a dead body is highlighted by the sudden change in music, I find it interesting how this discordance between the different parts of the soundtrack really helps to enforce the nature of the game and the characters that are contained within.

I can’t think of any other games that have done this. So, hey, it’s pretty cool I guess. Hooray for Deadly Premonition.





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