Updates Infrequently

A plethora of GiantRaven

Not much to say here. Just that I’ve started up a bandcamp account for myself where I can upload all the odd bits and bobs that I create. It can be listened to on the site, or bought for pretty much whatever price you feel like paying, although I can’t imagine why anybody would.

Currently I have two short EPs on there, both comprised of work I did at university.

Lego Build is a collection of tracks that were created through using walls of Lego as a way of providing musical structure. Very pretentious sounding. Very disjointed and directionless. Very right up my alley in terms of songwriting.

GiantRaven I, named for my utter inability to think of good names, is  a somewhat more standard affair, taking a bunch of tracks I’d originally written for the guitar and making them all electronic (I guess, it doesn’t really sound like the electronic music I’ve heard but it was created on a computer so that’s what I’m going with). In my mind I like to think of this as part of the soundtrack to a fictitious space opera game, much akin to the Mass Effect series. Clearly all the fame has gone to my head. Also, I spent hours in Minecraft making that cover. Appreciate it, for it is full of glory.






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